Always in character

Win a new pair of glasses!

During the summer we would like to lift all our wearers. That means YOU! We will do this through a photo competition where the first prize is a new pair of KunoQvist frames with prescription glass.

Our slogan is “Always in character”, meaning that our frames can enhance your personality and get you into character, no matter what you are doing or what mood you are in. We believe that you are wearing your KunoQvist glasses to parties, in the garden, while reading the morning news or keeping an eye on your grandchildren. (Yes, most eyewear wearers are above 65).

Please share your characteristic moments with us!
We will post one picture every week for the whole summer. The picture that gets the most likes each month will win a new frame with prescription glass in. There will also be some prices for number 2 and 3. (Sunglasses, overspecs etc).

Send your pictures to, send them to our Facebook account (@kunoqvist) or through our Instagram account (@kunoqvist).

This competition/campaign will run from May 10 until July 31, but the picture will only be posted during June/July 2019

Legal: By sending your picture to us you agree on letting us use it on our KunoQvist Facebook/Insta in this competition that runs from May 10 to July 31 2019. We on our hand promise not to use your pictures after July 31 2019, to use them anywhere else but on our Insta/Facebook-channel and not to let anyone else use your pictures. 

We will tag you or send you an email if your picture gets posted on our Instagram account.

Here are some pictures from wearers in Malmö where we have our HQ. Yes, we used a photographer for these pictures, but we would love to see some more authentic snapshots from your life. :)