Emerged from the ocean

The first drafts of this KunoQvist spring collection were created over 2 years ago. Already then, we had decided to use the sea as inspiration. Both when it comes to colors, patterns and the choice of materials.

The KunoQvist Spring collection is characterized by its uncomplicated youthfulness, the bright colors and the variation in surfaces. We have worked a lot with keeping the popular, classical shapes and at the same time renew ourselves. The result can be seen in Tyvan, a classical round shape where the metal is painted in a coat of epoxy to give a fluid, ceramic effect. Or Donau, a typical ladies frame, where the metal is engraved with patterns that wind across the frame like blooming corals.


Another part of the ocean are algae, built up by cells and molecules. Small and light particles with organic shapes that move weightlessly. This weightlessness and feeling of cells and molecules are also found in the frames Vivela and Tulipa. Minimalist jewelry with feminine shapes that brings cells and string theories to mind. The tips of acetate are designed to match the temples and the built-in spring hinge. Technology and nature in a perfect combination.


The men's collection is more stringent. Here, modern architecture, sports cars and geometry are the major influences. With Stark and Banke we have created patterns of lines, that give a different appearance depending on how the light falls. Another line in the men's collection is the one that runs along the entire front of Ellert. A contrasting color in a soft turn that gives a sporty look.

All the men´s frames are in metal and come in sizes from 52 to 57. Here we have worked a lot with technical refinement and fit, the frames are tailored to fit the target audience that we get to know better every year. 


The collection is photographed at the Viktoria Park SPA, Four Garden. Photographer: David Gabrielron. The KunoQvist movie is made by Helena Poneli. In the photo shoot, the models wear clothes from the new, Danish fashion brand Echte, who makes clothes from durable materials, and bathing suits from Swedish Blek.

Please contact our head office in Malmö/Sweden if you have more questions regarding the collection or our retailers.

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