The Spring/Summer collection from KunoQvist has landed. It's a wonderful explosion of colors and quality materials.

Our designer Martin Clauson has really surpassed himself this year with a beautiful and rather broad collection, held together by recurring details, colours and the overall feeling of high-end quality. The collection is characterized by matte pastels in metal and more fanciful acetates that bring nature to mind. 


Viktoria Tolstoy wearing ULLMOD

Inspiration comes from a spring pallet, with light, bare skin and the need to get outside and back to nature after the winter. We also see influences of “invisible technology” that blends in and merges with the designs, creating seamless expressions.

Such as the eyebrow effect in the models ULLMOD (above) and ALSKEN (below). The effect is created by a combination of both milling and bending of one solid piece of block material. The result, a beautiful block frame with a seamless color effect, gradually fading across the front.

Alsken c 81


Matte pastels appear in trendier frames, such as the unisex models Nordyl and Holmfrid. Acetates with soft marble effects can be found on a number of temples. They add a light, feminine touch to flat metal rims. 

Kunoqvist Nordyl


The colors of spring are matte: Almost petrol colored “Allure blue”, a soft verdant velvet “High Green”, a fruity “Peach Perfect”, “Dry Lip-balm” -  a dark nude, and its lighter counterpart, “Damp skin”.

kunoqvist fimur

2 of the colors this season is created with a new technic: color explosion. Paint bursts on to the frames with the help of compressed air, giving the effect stone/ granite - every frame is unique. Such as the red Fimur above. 


kunoqvist audny

Viktora Tolstoy wearing AUDNY

The wearer is a timeless woman or man who sees the frames as an extension of their own identity. Someone who appreciates quality and possesses a sense of playfulness. Our frames are made to last and we trust our wearers to choose a frame they can wear for many years to come. The colors of the frame do not have to match the outfit of the day, but should rather harmonize with the wearer’s coloring. A light pink Fimur for warmer skin tones or the bold patterns of Eowin (below) for an intense look.  

kunoqvist eowin



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In a Few Words





Post nature

Invisible tech

Merge nature




Allure Blue

High Green

Peach perfect

Dry Lip-balm

Damp Skin



All photos by photographer Johan Sundell. Assistant: Kamila Schneltser, Models: Viktoria Tolstoy and Mikael Winblad. Makeup: Amelie Holmberg