Which frame is the best for your face?

The right frames for your face

We have listed a number of facial shapes and added some of the frames we think could suit the particular facial shape. Feel free to use this as a guide when you choose your new frames. But, remember its just general recommendations. In the end, it's you who decide what eyewear you want to wear.

Round face

If your face is more round you will probably suit better in a pair of more square frames. The frame will tone down the roundness. Make sure that the width of the frame is sufficient and really weighs up the roundness. For example: Ditteved for women and Adelkirk for men.



Square face

An oval shaped frame is always good for the angular face. Pilot frames could be a good solution. For example Hjordis for women and Helar for men. 



Elongated face

This facial shape is usually also a bit square. Make sure that the frames cover a big part of the face, over the eyes. A somewhat cat eyed shape can suit fine here. Make sure that the frames stand out a bit from your temples. For example Finobad or Vilja for women.



Pointy face

This facial shape is almost triangular. Here a frame with thin edges and vertical lines can look nice. Small, oval metal frames can also suit well. Try to avoid square frames or too big frames. For example Jarnsaxa for women and men or Morbol for men. 



Oval face

This facial shape is the easiest one to find frames for. The oval-shaped face suits well in almost all frames. Here, it's your personal style that decides what frame, or glasses you should choose. For example: Tysebukk for women and Tralgot for men.