Always in character/Everywhere


We will present a number of characters to you during this year. All of them with a connection to Sweden, but also a connection to a place of their dreams. They will share these places with us, as seen through their eyes @kunoqvist Instagram.





ALEX is a young Spanish steward living in Palma de Mallorca with a Spanish father, a Swedish mother and an amazing grandmother living in Malmö. Alex travels around Europe almost all the time due to his work and we are thrilled to see where he will go during 2018. He told us that he prefers glasses that really stands out, But when we tried on the different KunoQvist models, it was the very classic Öjvind that suited him best. A quality frame that will be able to stand the wild life of a steward for many years to come.


Alex wears a pair of Kunoqvist ØJVIND in dark blue from the F/W17 collection Find them here.





JENNA. A traveller with her roots in Finland, a citizen of the world, resident in Shanghai. Jenna used to live and work in Copenhagen and Malmö, but since she suffers from severe Wanderlust, she had to move to the other side of the planet and explore east Asia. She works with marketing and eats her way around the globe together with fascinating people from all over the world. She will share her world with you through her new pair of KunoQvost Byrdila. This is a link to her own blogg from Shanghai and East Asia. 

Jenna wears a pair of Kunoqvist BYRDILA col 94 from the F/W17 collection Find them here.





CARLOS Once upon a time, Carlos lived for a couple of years in Malmö, where we, Kunoqvist, have our design studio. Carlos was the coolest kid in town on his hipster bicycle. Already back then, life for him was a constant vacation. He is a citizen of the world, as he sees it, but today he lives in New York, working as a Creative director for his own company, creating success stories. Now he will share parts of his constant vacation with us, accompanied by Whitney. @kunoqvist

Carlos wears a pair of Kunoqvist VETLE col 24 from the S/S17 collection Find them here.



WHITNEY She describes herself as a Kentucky gal, but you could also present her as a New York resident, photo model, or human hanger as she likes to call it and creative director of her own lingerie brand Valentine New York. Whitney met Carlos a couple of years ago and they both enjoy exploring the continents together. Sweden not the least. @kunoqvist

Whitney wears a pair of Kunoqvist TYSEBUKK col 80 from the S/S17 collection Find them here. 




JOAKIM In 2004 the Swedish eyewear brand Kunoqvist made its entrance on the market. It happened in Paris, during the Silmo fair. Now 13 years later we will show you parts of Paris through the eyes of a Swedish entrepreneur who fell in love with Paris and choose to stay there. He describes his life like a never ending epicurean journey, going places and enjoying good things in life. His name is Joakim and we think his lifestyle connects well with our story of being true to our Scandinavian heritage, but with a touch of something more colourful. @kunoqvist

Joakim wears a pair of Kunoqvist SLAGDYRK col 52 from the S/S17 collection Find them here.





JOHANNA, the best DJ in town and by far the best looking. Johanna is the girl from Stockholm who decided to move to the southern parts of Sweden almost ten years ago. Now she lives and works in Malmö and Copenhagen where she has her own club, STØK. When she is not making people dance, she is studying to become a woodworker. She represents the independent, creative person who is not afraid to express her views all painted in pink. And that's a colour we like.

Johanna wears a pair of Kunoqvist TYSEBUKK col 44, matte rose, from the S/S17 collection Find them here