The concept FW17

Art and music have always been great inspiration for many designers and brands.

This year our KunoQvist designer has looked backward in time to find inspiration for a colorful collection mainly made of stainless steel. Light frames in different shapes, inspired by the great architectural and design movements from the 1900 century, Bauhaus and Art Deco. Bauhaus tends to be more focused on geometrical shapes and figures and where form follows function. Art Deco, on the other hand, is more daring, using exquisite craftsmanship, rich colours and patterns to make each frame unique. You can find the whole collection here.

kunoqvist viktoria tolstoy

Viktoria Tolstoy in Huglier, Black

Our motto is #alwaysincharacter and we are very pleased to present the talented Swedish jazz singer Viktoria Tolstoy as the model for our fall/winter collection 2017.

Viktoria Tolstoy has a smooth tone a cool attitude and an air of artistry and professionalism. Perfect for this delicate collection! 

The photoshoot took place at the botanical garden in Lund. A place where you find both inner peace and beautiful surroundings. The perfect setting for this year's collection. 

See the behind the scenes film from the photoshoot here.



Viktoria Tolstoy in Järnsaxa, Dusty Rose

To buy our products, please contact your optician. KunoQvist can be found at most well-sorted opticians in the Nordic countries. 

kunoqvist fallwinter17 tommy

Tommy in Järnsaxa, Light Blue


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